Purchasing Consultants providing virtual or on-site assistance with product/sourcing identification to maximize buying power

Bearing and Power Transmission


Offering 30 years experience in the purchasing of Bearing and Power Transmission Industry

Safety Supplies


Providing clients Safety and Industrial products direct from 1st Tier Suppliers

Repairs - Electric Motor/Gearbox


Servicing Industry with Repairs to Electric Motors/Gearboxes

Our Expert Services

Virtual Purchasing Assistant

Over the years companies have been streamlining their purchasing departments and it has become increasingly difficult to manage the workload.  A purchasing consultant will allow you to share the workload at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire an assistant.

On-site Maintenance Visibility

The challenge that faces all maintenance departments is to be able to not only identify one of the hundreds of thousands of parts used in the manufacturing process but to decipher who can supply these parts at the best price while maintaining the highest quality of parts supplied.

Real Time Sourcing

Let's face it that in today's world time is our most precious resource and optimizing our time allows us to accomplish our duties with the utmost efficiency.  A purchasing consultant will allow your request for quotations to be sent out not only to a greater number of suppliers but to the RIGHT suppliers.  The belief that single sourcing reduces maintenance budgets is untrue and rather is used as a selling tool by suppliers to lock customers into contracts.

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